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09 October 2019
NUP 2X35 and mapping of knowledge at the NATO forum
On 7-9 October this year DTC Director Col. Jarosław Mokrzycki and Chief of Lessons Learned Division Col. Andrzej Lis participated in the 13th NATO Operations Research and Analysis Conference in Ottawa, Canada.

The DTC officers’ presentation was devoted to the use of bibliometric methods to support strategic analyses of the security environment based on the example of research mapping and profiling in respect of urbanization processes and their impact on the security environment. They focused on the use of research profiling, keywords co-occurrence analysis and systematic literature review. At the same time, the assumptions of the security analysis campaign – NUP2X35 conducted in the Polish Armed Forces were presented which created the basis for further bilateral talks with NATO partners regarding sharing knowledge and experience in this field.

The conference is held annually by Allied Command Transformation and NATO Science and Technology Organization. This year’s edition focuses on the challenges for the conduct of military operational research and analysis in the context of changes in the global security environment.

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