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25 October 2019
Academic seminar on geopolitics
On October 24th the Faculty of Social Sciences, the University of Gdańsk, hosted a next academic seminar within the security environment analysis campaign – NUP 2X35, which was organized by Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces. The seminar was devoted to forecasts, trends and implications in geopolitics out to 2035.

The seminar involved a large group of geopolitics scholars as well as commanders of the Ministry of National Defense organizational units. At the beginning DTC PAF Deputy Director Cpt. (N) Jarosław Hewelt acquainted the gathered with the assumptions of the security environment analysis campaign. The opening lecture was given by Prof. Hubert Królikowski – Director of Defense Analysis Department, Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The subject of his considerations was the impact of geopolitics on Polish affairs. Subsequent speakers – Prof. Jan Wendt and PhD Tomasz Pawłuszko – discussed the very essence of geopolitics and research directions in this field.

Further speeches focused on specific selected aspects of geopolitics. DTC representative, Lt. Col. Cezary Pawlak, presented forecasts and trends in geopolitics as seen in selected NATO documents, primarily those identified in Strategic Foresight Analysis. The next lectures were given by the scholars from the University of Gdańsk. Prof. Piotr Mickiewicz presented an interesting lecture on the global competition of powers as a determinant defining the shape of the Polish security policy. PhD Margot Stańczyk-Minkiewicz undertook reflections on the dysfunctionality of African countries as a problem and a threat to European countries. Subsequent speakers represented the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce. Prof. Krzysztof Kubiak presented the current state of power competition in the Arctic and the resulting threat to international security. PhD Mirosław Banasik discussed the essence and consequences of so-called hybrid warfare illustrated by the recent actions of the Russian Federation. The lectures were followed by panel discussions on selected issues in geopolitics.

This was the last seminar this year closing a series of similar events in selected areas of the NUP 2X35 campaign, i.e. geopolitics, urban planning, demography, environment, economics and modern technologies. This stage of the discussion on the challenges to the Polish security environment will be summarized with an academic conference GlobState II, which will be held in Bydgoszcz on November 13-14, 2019.

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