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14 May 2020
Polish Armed Forces Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is certainly the biggest global challenge today. Virtually all the countries in the world, the entire international community, are fighting this threat, trying to stop the uncontrolled development of the pandemic, as well as to mitigate its effects. Together with specialized civilian crisis management organizations and services, the armed forces of most countries affected by the pandemic also participate in these activities.

Soldiers and civilians of the Polish Armed Forces support the Border Guard at the state borders, patrol city streets together with Police officers, provide transport of people, equipment as well as personal protection equipment and hygiene products, disinfect potentially contaminated places and support local communities with their specialized capabilities. These operations are of joint and inter-agency character combining the efforts of all the branches of the Polish Armed Forces to support the counter-pandemic activities conducted by the national health system and crisis management system.

Doctrine and Training Centre of the Polish Armed Forces (DTC PAF), as a proponent of the Lessons Learned capability, since the outbreak of the pandemic, has been collecting observations, insights and lessons (OILs) from the engagement of Polish troops to counteract the pandemic and alleviate its aftermaths. OILs bulletins and newsletters, so far published in Polish, are one of the products of our collection and analysis efforts. Responding to increasing needs to share gathered lessons within the NATO and EU Lessons Learned community motivated us to issue this newsletter in English.

The study consists of two parts. Firstly, the theoretical framework explaining possible scenarios of the pandemic development and managing the crisis situation. Secondly, the response of the Polish Armed Forces to the COVID-19 pandemic is presented including: legal regulations and doctrinal assumptions of the employment of military forces in the counter-pandemic operations, the scope and scale of these operations, as well as the command and control system dedicated to conduct operations.

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